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Iustitia --> Temporal Goods and the Church’s Mission

Law in the Scripture: Part I - The Old Testament
     Author: George Nedungatt

   The author who was the professor of theology of law for so many years at PIO, Rome discusses various aspects of Law in the Scriptures in two Parts. This Part I discusses various features of the theology of law contained in the Old Testament. Having examined the key terms – Thora, Nomos, Lex and Law - he exposes the literary forms of law and then presents the Codes of the Pentateuch before making an assessment of the significant Ancient Middle Eastern Codes to see their influence on the OT Codes. It is followed by the argument on The Law of Talion. The article concludes with a critical consideration of the Theological Meaning of Attributing the Laws of the Pentateuch to Moses, and Scholion: “Man” and The Use of Inclusive Language.

Recognition of Miracles Its Process in Lourdes and Rome, Part II - The Process in CCS: A Comparative Note
     Author: Cherian Thunduparampil

Miracles are a sign of God’s presence in the world and his mighty deeds, and veneration of the Church’s Saints is part and parcel of her history. For the official beatification and canonization of these holy people, the Church considers miracles performed by God through their intercession a prerequisite. Similarly, many miracles occur at Lourdes, an ecclesiastically-recognized place of pilgrimage, through the intercession of Our Lady. With Part I of this article having treated the process of recognition of miracles at Lourdes, here in Part II the author deals with the canonical process for recognizing miracles of confessors and martyrs as currently followed by the CCS. The article concludes on a comparative note, indicating the similarities and dissimilarities between the recognition processes observed by CCS and MBL.

The Extraordinary Administration of Ecclesiastical Goods in CCEO: A Missing Update
     Author: Luigi Sabbarese

The previous Latin and Oriental legislation on temporal goods considered extraordinary administration a form of alienation. Such equivalence is absent from CIC c. 1277, which lacks directly corresponding canons in the Oriental Code. Thus, if the new Latin code surpassed the undue classification of extraordinary administration as alienation, the Oriental legislation seems to have remained unchanged. Such a lacuna must be understood within the more general context of the administration of ecclesiastical goods. The article shows that an oriental Bishop of a “minor Church,” who has not synodal legislation to fill this gap, might place relevant acts of administration of goods without any further requirements for validity. At least in a practical-prudential way, it would be appropriate that the Oriental practice followed the Latin legislation or at least respected the principle identified in c. 1277.

CCEO and Inter-Eparchial Tribunals with Special Reference to Sagar-Satna and Ujjain-Jagdalpur Inter-Eparchial Tribunals
     Author: Regi Njaralakkattukunnel

Regi Njaralakkattukunnel deals with the evolution of Inter-eparchial tribunal in the Church and the erection of Inter-eparchial Tribunals of Sagar-Satna and Ujjain-Jagadalpur, India. The article examines Inter-eparchial Tribunals of Sagar-Satna and Ujjain-Jagadalpur in the light of the two recent motu proprios Mitis Iudex Dominius Iesus and Mitis et misericors Iesus. Even though in principle these tribunals are competent to treat matrimonial cases, penal cases, and other cases which are not reserved to the eparchial bishop, in practice they handle only matrimonial cases. The author concludes with the remark that the provision of the briefer matrimonial process before Bishop introduced by the recent motu proprio may eliminate these tribunals if practically they are not enabled to handle other cases. 

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