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The Fundamental Rights of the Churches in the Communion of Catholic Churches

Iustitia --> Vatican II and Canon Law -->The Fundamental Rights of the Churches in the Communion of Catholic Churches

Paul Pallath in this article, “The Fundamental Rights of The Churches In the Catholic Communion” makes “an attempt to gather together and articulate some of the fundamental rights of the Churches, which are enshrined in the various documents of the Second Vatican Council, … and in the codes of canon law, which translate the conciliar teachings into canonical language” (p. 170). Highlighting the fundamental rights such as right to existence, equality, etc., he asserts that “the recognition and respect of the rights and obligations of the different Churches in the Catholic communion would help to engender peaceful coexistence, mutual harmony and healthy collaboration among them for the spread of the Kingdom, the greater glory of God and for the salvation of souls, the raison d’être of the Church of Christ”(p. 191). The author affirms that the extrinsic growth requires that each Church is enabled “to extend the territorial reach of its activity whenever it is necessary and suitable, without being obliged to remain in a certain territory” (p. 186).

Vol. 3.  No. 2,  December 2012.  


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