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Mysticism in Aquinas and Balthasar

Vinayasadhana --> FEARLESS, FREE AND FAITHFUL -->Mysticism in Aquinas and Balthasar

Even though the writings of Thomas Aquinas and Hans Urs
von Balthasar do not directly deal with Mysticism, a careful
examination will uncover many of their thoughts that today
we would call mystical themes. Thomas considers key issues in
the history of Christian mysticism under at least four headings
treated in the Summa theologiae. Balthasar eschewed the category
of “mysticism” as an organizational or integral theme for his
systematics; but he could not avoid mystical themes in his
writings. Those are flagrant in his perspective based on the
fundamental theological categories of beauty, action, and truth.
Thomas Aquinas’s theology of mysticism is centered on the role
of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and the way in which the
supreme gift of infused sapientia provides a connatural knowing
and loving of God even in this life.

Vol. VII.  No. 2,  July, 2016.  P.p. 14-32


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