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The Conversion of Óscar Arnulfo Romero – II By David B. Perrin

Vinayasadhana --> FEARLESS, FREE AND FAITHFUL -->The Conversion of Óscar Arnulfo Romero – II By David B. Perrin

Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez (1917–1980), a Salvadoran
bishop, lived during a time of great political and civil turbulence.
The local Roman Catholic Church did regrettably little to quell
the suffering of its people. Romero, in the earliest part of his
episcopacy, and like the bishops around him, fell into this kind of
complacency. Yet all of this was to shift radically for Romero as
a result of events in 1977, when he changed from an introverted
conservative to an outspoken champion of his people. This article
is a theological analysis, one of many possible analyses, of how
such a change, such a conversion, can be framed within the
tradition of Christian spirituality: in the clash of transcendence
and history, that is, an understanding that God meets God’s people
in the events of their lives – even in tragic events, as witnessed
in the people of El Salvador – is conversion wrought. What is
special about Romero’s conversion in the clash of transcendence
and history, as suggested by this article, is its similarity to the
lives of those whom the Church has come to know as mystics.
Romero, in the end, gave his all to become the very face of God
for his own people, for the people of Latin America, and now for
the whole world. The sign of a mystic, martyr, and saint indeed.

Vol. VII.  No. 2,  July, 2016.  P.p. 60-75


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