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Mathematics as an Agent of Dialogue in the Society

Journal of Dharma --> Dialogue and Society -->Mathematics as an Agent of Dialogue in the Society

Though Mathematics is mostly considered as a subject
of the intelligent, it is used by everybody for daily activities. It
acts as an efficient agent of dialogue in the society. Its role in
transferring abstract knowledge to concrete experience, in
interpreting the unknown and as a tool for problem-solving are
discussed in this paper. Mathematics also helps human beings to
transcend from concrete experience to abstract knowledge. This
paper showcases various elements of Mathematics over a wide
spectrum, from those useful in everyday life of human beings to
the discussions on potential and actual infinity. Mathematics is
an integral part of human life and an essential tool in knowing
the universe. We do not deliberately side with any of the schools
in Mathematics or that of Philosophy.

Vol. 42.  No. 2,  April-June 2017.  P.p. 121-126


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