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Herald of the East  - Dharmaram Journal of Chavara Studies

Reflections on the Nothingness testttttt herald

Herald of the East is a biannual journal to promote multifaceted studies and research on the life, vision and mission, and contributions of Kuriakose Elias Chavara, one of the founders of the CMI Congregation, the first indigenous religious congregation in India; he was a man of transformative vision and determined action who strived his best to transform the Christian community and the society at large, especially in the nineteenth century Kerala. His contributions in the area of ecclesiastical as well as public education, especially his visionary intervention to begin a seminary attached to the monastery and schools attached to Christian worship places was path-breaking. Started in 1991, Herald of the East was an initiative of the CMI Congregation, the publication of which is undertaken by DVK from 2014 onwards. This journal attempts to disseminate the vision of Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara through scientific studies as well as entries with socio-pastoral focus.

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 Reflections on the Nothingness testttttt herald
New Self of John testtt

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