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Journal of Dharma  - Dharmaram Journal of Religions and Philosophies

IMAGES OF SELF AND OTHERS: Religious Perspectives

October-December 2018
The Dharmaram Quarterly Journal of Religions and Philosophies was founded in 1975. This is an earnest attempt on the part of DVK to bring together scholars from all over the world and from across diverse cultures and traditions to seriously deliberate upon issues pertaining to religions and philosophies. Apart from serving as a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences regarding approaches and methods towards religious and philosophical quests of humanity, this quarterly journal encourages research in interreligious studies and dialogue.

     Editorial Religious Other towards Harmony of Life Religion is one of the deepest dimensions of complex forms of human life, and most human beings find religious identity important today even in the wake of scientific and technological innovations and a market driven society. In all corners of the world and in all eras of history, people have wondered about the meaning of life, its origin and goal, and often the answer came in the form of religious beliefs and practices. Religions make fundamental claims regarding the ultimate concerns of life. Wittgenstein observed, “To believe in a God means to understand the question about the meaning of life. To believe in a God means to see that the facts of the world ...  More...

2019, Vol. 44

1. Towards Knowledge Societies: Literary Perspectives

2. Towards Knowledge SocietiesSocial Implications

3. Towards Knowledge Societies: Philosophical Investigations

4. Towards Knowledge SocietiesReligious Visions

2020, Vol. 45

1. Towards Ethical Societies:

Arts and Humanities

2. Towards Ethical Societies:

Social Sciences

3. Towards Ethical Societies:

Philosophical Investigations

4. Towards Ethical Societies:

Religious Contributions

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Journal of Dharma: Dharmaram Journal of Religions and Philosophies

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